Monday, 7 March 2011

Best of 30 in 30

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My four favourite outfits of the 30 in 30 challenge. I had a great time doing this challenge, but I’m also happy that it’s over now; dressing for the challenge every day took more effort than I usually put into my outfits, but it also taught me that planning an outfit beforehand (especially before I go shower) is immensely helpful. If I have to run around in a towel to find something to wear, I’ll end up in jeans and t-shirt.

I like that it challenged me to put the effort into my clothing, into thinking about what I wear and how to combine items, and I like that it reminded me of some items I had hidden in my closet. I’ve noticed again that I value comfort a lot. Quite possibly more than style. All in all, I’d probably do this again. It was good fun.

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