Monday, 28 June 2010

Sunday's Summary, the late edition

Germany won 4:1 against England, I have a nasty cold and here's Sunday's Summary, the Monday edition.

Sunday's Monday's Summary, lovely link collection volume iv
Enjoy your week, everyone!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Hometown Glories

A few days back, I visited Cologne (Germany); words can't quite express how much I love that city, with all its faults, beauties, amazing people and mentality, so I'm not even going to try.

Roses near the river Rhine

The main train station

The Cathedral and the philharmony

 How sweet is this couple there?

Flowers. Just because.

And a blog-recommendation at the end here: anders-anziehen (dress-differently) is a bilingual blog about, well, mostly people that one can find on the streets of Cologne. Different and wonderful people, what is important in their life, and, of course, how they dress. I love the pictures, the style and the idea behind the blog and highly recommend it.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Summer Black-Out 2010 Outfit Post

Here's the outfits for Friday, Saturday and Sunday - I was working on a double challenge, in a way - not to wear black, and working with what I had in my suitcase, since I spent the weekend with the dance association in Cologne. Of course, being away for the weekend also meant that there was no real time for a  "proper outfit photoshoot", so I'll make do with random shots made of me throughout the weekend.

I definitely wore more colour on Friday!
Turquoise dress from C&A, I think, necklace from six. The red jacket is from the dance association, it has the logo printed on the back and the name in the front. This outfit is ridiculously comfy and perfect for travelling.

On Saturday, I actually went... basically colour-less. Oh, hi, neutrals! I like neutrals.
This is, unfortunately, the only picture from the entire day on which you can see the outfit properly - the shoes, of course, are my dancing shoes, so not the ones I wore the rest of the day. Linen skirt and t-shirt both by H&M. 

Sunday's outfit might quite possibly be my favourite outfit of the entire week; I love how the neutrals bring out the colour of the top.
Linen skirt, cardigan and blouse all H&M (did I mention yet that I wear a lot of H&M?), camera unfortunately not mine - mine's in the black camera bag.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Sunday's Summary

Sunday's summary lovely link collection, volume iii

Friday, 11 June 2010

Summer Black-Out 2010 Outfit Post

The first two outfits of this challenge, and while I didn't exactly drown in colours, at least I didn't wear black - that's a start, right?
 The first day (Monday): Jeans (V&D), Blouse and Cardigan (H&M), Shoes (C&A), sunglasses from .. somewhere and the scarf was a birthday present. Not the most exciting or colourful outfit, but well within the rules (black shoes and accessoires are allowed) and practical, since I had an exam that day.

 The second day (Tuesday): Linen skirt, t-shirt and cardigan all H&M, silver watch from my grandmother, the headband was a present. Oh, and the flower? The boyfriend came home with that, so it got integrated into the photoshoot right away.
I really like that headband; it makes me feel like a princess and I'm still child enough that that's enough to make me adore it.

As you can tell already, I wear a lot of H&M. And I'm not so great with bright colours, but that was why I joined this challenge in the first place, right? Right. And so far, it's taught me a thing or to - like that brown and turquoise are a combination I really really like, and that I might just be a little in love with nude shades.

There's no outfit for Wednesday, because it was exam day again and also raining, so on my way from the exams, I got utterly soaked and spent the rest of the day researching state sovereignty and humanitarian intervention in workout slacks (and yes, they were black, but pssst!).

One more thing that I really enjoy about this challenge is that it forces me to think about what to put on in the mornings and makes me put an actual effort into planning the outfit. I don't always do that, but it makes me feel so much more put together.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday's Summary

Bruna Tenorio by Jacques Dequeker for Vogue Brazil

Sunday's summary lovely link collection, volume two.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Pocket Watch Necklaces

I was innocently browing urban outfitters when I stumbled across a pocket watch necklace. 90 minutes and several etsy and dawanda shops later, I have fallen in love. How useful and beautiful are these? I also love the vintage feel these have.

1pc antique copper vintage pocket watch by uniquekingdom

 Antique Bronze Pocket Watch Necklace and Roman Miniature Silver Pocket Watch Necklace, 

both by AnaloguePeople

Dusk in Wonderland, by birdzNbees

Double Chain Watch Necklace, by Urban Outfitters

We pass time, by ninushka

Of course, there's also some rather cutesy and some more steampunk takes on this theme.


Thursday, 3 June 2010


Sal from Already Pretty has designed a challenge of not wearing black. I'll be joining her from the 7th - 14th of June. Find the rules and some reasons as to why one could possibly join the challenge by clicking the above link.

Why am I joining her? Two reasons:
  1. I rely too much on black in my wardrobe. I've already noticed this quite a while ago and have started to change that a little, but still this seems like a good way to force myself to wear a little more colour or, at least, neutrals other than black.
  2. It's summer. Black isn't the most summery colour out there. What more reason do I need, really?
I'll try to take a picture a day (or several, if I switch outfits).