Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Summer Black-Out 2010 Outfit Post

Here's the outfits for Friday, Saturday and Sunday - I was working on a double challenge, in a way - not to wear black, and working with what I had in my suitcase, since I spent the weekend with the dance association in Cologne. Of course, being away for the weekend also meant that there was no real time for a  "proper outfit photoshoot", so I'll make do with random shots made of me throughout the weekend.

I definitely wore more colour on Friday!
Turquoise dress from C&A, I think, necklace from six. The red jacket is from the dance association, it has the logo printed on the back and the name in the front. This outfit is ridiculously comfy and perfect for travelling.

On Saturday, I actually went... basically colour-less. Oh, hi, neutrals! I like neutrals.
This is, unfortunately, the only picture from the entire day on which you can see the outfit properly - the shoes, of course, are my dancing shoes, so not the ones I wore the rest of the day. Linen skirt and t-shirt both by H&M. 

Sunday's outfit might quite possibly be my favourite outfit of the entire week; I love how the neutrals bring out the colour of the top.
Linen skirt, cardigan and blouse all H&M (did I mention yet that I wear a lot of H&M?), camera unfortunately not mine - mine's in the black camera bag.

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