Friday, 11 June 2010

Summer Black-Out 2010 Outfit Post

The first two outfits of this challenge, and while I didn't exactly drown in colours, at least I didn't wear black - that's a start, right?
 The first day (Monday): Jeans (V&D), Blouse and Cardigan (H&M), Shoes (C&A), sunglasses from .. somewhere and the scarf was a birthday present. Not the most exciting or colourful outfit, but well within the rules (black shoes and accessoires are allowed) and practical, since I had an exam that day.

 The second day (Tuesday): Linen skirt, t-shirt and cardigan all H&M, silver watch from my grandmother, the headband was a present. Oh, and the flower? The boyfriend came home with that, so it got integrated into the photoshoot right away.
I really like that headband; it makes me feel like a princess and I'm still child enough that that's enough to make me adore it.

As you can tell already, I wear a lot of H&M. And I'm not so great with bright colours, but that was why I joined this challenge in the first place, right? Right. And so far, it's taught me a thing or to - like that brown and turquoise are a combination I really really like, and that I might just be a little in love with nude shades.

There's no outfit for Wednesday, because it was exam day again and also raining, so on my way from the exams, I got utterly soaked and spent the rest of the day researching state sovereignty and humanitarian intervention in workout slacks (and yes, they were black, but pssst!).

One more thing that I really enjoy about this challenge is that it forces me to think about what to put on in the mornings and makes me put an actual effort into planning the outfit. I don't always do that, but it makes me feel so much more put together.

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  1. Hello there Miss miss, I like the way you talk about the challenge. It's nice to see you working out outfits with some more colour than usual :D.