Friday, 20 August 2010

How do you follow your favourites?

There’s a number of blogs I love to read. I’ve been pondering which way is the best to do that. Have a little list.


#1 – Bookmark and read whichever blog whenever

The advantage, here, is that you’re completely utterly free to read only your favourite blog, or all of them. The disadvantage, obviously, would be that you have to actually open every blog manually and remember to look at them. No handy little sign will tell you which blog has been updated and which hasn’t.

#2 – Google Reader

Everything’s compiled in one place and you get all the updates with just one click. The design is very simple, though, and while that may be a plus for some, it kind of puts me off Google Reader. I want my internet with a healthy dose of shiny, please!

#3 – Bloglovin’

Bloglovin’ is certainly shiny – the idea behind it is essentially to make one place for people to follow all their favourite blogs and not only does it make it possible to look at them in a Google Reader-kind of list (though with nicer layout and more pictures), it also allows you to look at the post in the original layout of the blog with only a small bar at the bottom to navigate between new posts. I’m currently trying my luck with bloglovin’.

#4 – Other News Aggregators

I really love wikipedia for its category pages. I’ve briefly pondered and bloglines, but so far, the design of bloglovin’ is the greatest attractor.


  1. I would be amazed, if you would follow my blog with Google:-) I will post the Kiko reviews this week

  2. Oh, why not, I'm following you with bloglovin' already ;) Looking forward to the review!