Sunday, 4 July 2010

Quick and simple Italian-inspired dinner

Quick and simple Italian-inspired dinner

Tonight, I felt like a light and quick dinner, so I made tomatoes with mozarella, oil and vinegar, together with a sandwich with parma ham. And for dessert, some strawberries and black currants.

To serve one:
1 tomatoe, sliced
1 mozarella, sliced
3 fresh basil leaves
basil oil and balsalmic vinegar, according to taste

Place mozarella on the tomatoes, top with 2 basil leaves, decorate the plate with the third. Season with oil, vinegar and if you'd like, pepper. Cut open the baguette, add parma ham and a little balsalmic vinegar, letting the bread soak it up.

I also had a pepper with cream cheese filling left lying around, so I threw that onto the plate as well. Tasty, and just the right thing in this weather, when I can't eat anything too heavy or warm.

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